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Publish the jewelry feed on your website
Publish the jewelry feed on your website

How to publish the jewelry feed on your website

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Right now, you can only integrate the jewelry search into your website using our jewelry widget.

We give you a script to send your web designer to embed into your website.

The script is only available once you have set up your settings and completed at least one rule.


  • Add to cart is not possible and you also cannot customize and build your own jewelry search widget.

  1. Go to your Instant Inventory dashboard > Click on your jewelry feed > View and Edit.

  2. Actions > Publish to My Website.

  3. Copy the script and send it to your web developer to embed the jewelry widget into your website.

NOTE: The API key in the script is tied to a specific account and website. Each account has its own API key and it is important to use the one associated with your RapNet account otherwise instant inventory will not work.

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