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Instant Inventory isn't generating script or publishing on my website
Instant Inventory isn't generating script or publishing on my website
Help with publishing the feed and embedding the script/widget into your website
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Please read the guidance below if you have set up the feed but cannot publish it, or the widget script isn't embedding into your website.

Is Instant Inventory included in your RapNet membership?

All RapNet members have access to creating a diamond or jewelry feed and previewing it on their dashboard.

You need the script in order to publish the feed to your website and that requires an Instant Inventory trial or fully paid Instant Inventory subscription.

To submit a request for an Instant Inventory subscription or 30 day free trial, click Apply Now and someone from our Sales Team will contact you to follow up with your request.

Once your Instant Inventory trial or account is activated, you will receive the script you need to publish the feed on your website.

You can also contact your RapNet account manager for more information and to activate an account.

Problem with the Script

If you embedded the script on your website, but the widget doesn’t work, please check these 2 issues

  1. Check your Settings to make sure you have typed in the correct domain name where feed is going to be placed
    a. Go to:
    b. Select Diamond or Jewelry feed > View & Edit

2. Check that the widget script is correct
a. Go to your Instant Inventory dashboard > Click on your feed > View and Edit
b. Actions > Publish to My Website

c. Copy script and send to your web developer to check against the script he embedded into the website

For further assistance and support, please go to our support page where you can contact us directly.

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