Trading Rules and Code of Conduct

  • Lab Grown Diamonds: We do not allow lab grown diamonds to be uploaded and listed for sale on RapNet.

  • Treated Diamonds: All diamond treatments must be specified in the Treatment field. Click here to see which treatments we allow on RapNet.

  • Incorrect Listings and Misrepresentation of diamonds: Diamond listings on RapNet, including location, availability, price and certification, must be accurately provided.

  • Click here to read more on RapNet's Listing Policy and refer to RapNet Trading Rules & Code of Conduct, Section 4.

Guidance when uploading diamonds to RapNet

  1. Graded Diamonds:

    1. Diamond information listed must match the grading report details.

    2. List both Lab and report number otherwise your diamond will not be listed as a graded diamond. RapNet links a potential buyer to the corresponding laboratory website and the report check will appear.
      Note: We do not allow EGL graded diamonds to be listed on RapNet. More about this here.

  2. Location:

    1. The physical location of a diamond must be accurately described.

    2. The same diamond listed multiple times on different accounts is permitted, as long as the physical location is correctly listed.

    3. A diamond can only be considered and listed as Guaranteed Available if it’s available for sale/viewing in the location listed and not on hold for any reason.

  3. Round Brilliant Cuts and other Round Shapes: A classic round diamond, is a diamond whose gemological definition [as per GIA] is Round Brilliant Cut.

    1. A Round Brilliant Cut diamond is graded with a cut grade, symmetry and polish grade. No other diamond shape gets these 3 grades.

    2. Other round diamonds such as Round Novelty Cut or Round Portrait Cut are round but not 'Brilliant Cut'. They do not fall under the definition of the classic round and their shape should be listed on RapNet as "other".

  4. Guaranteed available: This means the seller has immediate access to the diamond. If you want to guarantee the availability of your diamonds, you must also identify the location of the diamond so type in either the City, State or Country field.

  5. Diamond Pricing

    1. White diamonds (D-Z color) under 4ct must be uploaded with $/ct or discount

    2. There are 4 columns for diamond pricing: RapNet Price, RapNet Discount Percent, Cash Price and Cash Price Discount Percent.

      • Pleaser refer to this article to learn more about these 4 columns and how they affect your pricing.

    3. If both discount % and $/ct are filled in and uploaded, RapNet only considers the $/ct so carefully check the pricing in your diamond inventory upload file

    1. There’s no need to fill out the Rapaport price. RapNet calculates that when uploading the diamond.

    2. 10 carat+ diamonds: If you use the 5 carat price list to price your 10 carat+ diamonds, you will need to upload the diamond data with $/ct pricing, not the discount %.

  6. Fancy colored diamonds must be filled in their specially assigned fields and not in the D-Z field. Refer to Upload Fancy colors to RapNet.

  7. Diamond Updates: Diamond listings expire every 7 days. If all the stock remains the same, click here to refresh them or upload a new Excel file to make sure they stay listed on RapNet.

  8. Inventory file upload: Numeric fields should not include commas, $, or % (i.e. in the price field $1,000 is not acceptable, instead type 1000).

Best Practice:
Update your diamond listings regularly. We recommend daily.

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