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Manage all your RapNet notifications by email, web and mobile, troubleshoot when not receiving notifications

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RapNet enables you to receive the following automated notifications to keep you updated on your account activity:

  1. Web notifications: on RapNet

  2. Email notifications: sent to the email listed on your profile

  3. Push notifications: on the RapNet app

Note: Push notifications are not available for all notification types.

RapNet Notifications Types:

RapNet's Systems Notifications Center sends out these notifications.

  • Buy Requests: Buyer/seller/auto-suggestions

  • Instant Inventory

  • Instant Inventory Inquiries

  • Leads

  • Lists

  • Price List

  • Ratings/Endorsement Request

  • Reports Center

  • Saved Searches

  • Trade Center

  • Upload Reports

Please note:

  • If your notification settings are not showing all of the notifications mentioned in this list, please talk to your RapNet Primary Account holder about your user/access permissions.

  • Read this article for help with setting different permissions for individual users on your RapNet Account.

Enable RapNet Notifications

Follow these steps to view and edit the notifications you would like enabled:

  1. This is the icon for RapNet web notifications. The number tells you how many unread notifications you have. Click the bell to read your notifications.

  2. Select the Notification you want to turn off.

    1. Turn on Web notifications: tick the box

    2. Turn on email notifications: toggle to turn on or off

    3. Turn on push (app) notifications: toggle to turn on or off

Enable App Notifications

  1. Log in to RapNet app > Settings

    • The bell shows a numbered counter whenever there's a new unread notification waiting for you.

  2. Notifications > Turn on email and push notifications.

Delete RapNet Notifications

You can delete one or multiple notifications.

  1. Notifications Bell

  2. All Notifications

  3. Select one or multiple notifications

  4. Delete

Delete App Notifications

  1. Notification Bell (top right) > Long press on the message/s you want to delete

  2. Delete

Not getting RapNet Notifications?

  • If your notification settings do not show all of the notifications mentioned in this article, please talk to your RapNet Primary Account holder about user permissions.

  • If you are not receiving notifications by email or push notification, go to your notification settings to check if your email and/or push notifications are switched on, as directed above.

  • App Notifications: Check your phone settings

    • Settings > Notifications > RapNet > switch on

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