Where do Promoted Diamonds appear on RapNet?
Promoted Diamond in diamond search results
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Promoted Diamonds appear at the top of the search results table and are labeled as an AD so it’s clear that these are promoted diamonds.

Diamonds only show up if there’s a match between the buyer’s search criteria and a diamond listed by a seller involved in the Promoted Diamonds program

  • RapNet displays 3 promoted diamonds per search result. Each supplier who has opted-in to the Promoted Diamonds service will have their diamonds appear in one of those three Promoted Diamonds spots

  • The Promoted Diamonds results are ordered by price so if more than one of the seller’s diamonds matches the search, only the cheapest one will be shown.


  1. All sellers have an equal chance of appearing in the Promoted Diamonds section. If another seller’s diamond matching the search criteria has already been promoted in a previous search, another seller’s diamond will be next in the Promoted Diamond section

  2. The Total information displayed on search results does not include promoted diamonds.

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