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Promoted Diamonds Service
Introduction to the Promoted Diamonds Service
What is the Promoted Diamonds service and how to does it work?
What is the Promoted Diamonds service and how to does it work?

Promoted Diamonds service

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Promoted Diamonds is RapNet’s diamond advertising service, helping sellers reach diamond buyers exactly when they are interested in the very diamonds that they are selling on RapNet.

  • Subscribers to the Promoted Diamonds service get their diamond stock highlighted and displayed right on the top of the RapNet search results table when their diamond meets the buyer’s diamond search criteria

  • This increases their diamond’s visibility, raise their company’s exposure and boosts sales

  • Sellers cannot select specific diamond inventory to promote. RapNet matches the search criteria to the sellers’ inventory

The Promoted Diamond service is fair to all of our members, we always rotate the suppliers advertised.

Seller’s cannot pay to be placed first or second on the list, ensuring that suppliers buying 5,000 impressions will get the same exposure as suppliers buying 10,000.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Promoted Diamonds Service:

  • Contact your dedicated client manager or local customer service team

  • Click this icon on the bottom right of this page and let's start talking now

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