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I can't find my diamonds in the diamond search results
I can't find my diamonds in the diamond search results

Common reasons why your diamonds aren't appearing in the diamond search results page

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There could be a couple of reasons why you aren't finding your uploaded diamonds in the diamond search results.

Please review these common issues:

  1. Are you listing matched pairs? If you've uploaded a matched pair of diamonds and marked them as Not Separable, they will only show up in a NOT show up in single diamond searches. Click here for guidance.

  2. Are any of your diamonds treated? By default, treated diamonds are not included in general searches and will only appear in search results by specifically clicking "show/include Treated diamonds" in the search results

  3. Are you listing fancy color diamonds? The default search is white diamonds. If you are listing fancy colors, toggle from white to fancy color

  4. Have you exceeded your diamond quota? Diamonds are suppressed on RapNet If you've uploaded more diamonds than your plan allowance, they will be suppressed on the diamond search results but you still can view them in Manage My Diamonds. Click here to read more about this.

  5. When did you last update your diamonds? RapNet listings are only active for 7 days. Either re-upload or go to Manage My Diamonds to update them.

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