Set up your RapNet Personal Profile

How to set up, update or change your personal profile or email address

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This article explains how to update your personal RapNet profile.

  1. Except for email address changes, all updates go to your Account Manager for approval. This can take a day or two to update on RapNet.

  2. To ensure higher email security, we will need you to verify changes when updating your email address.

Here's how to update your personal RapNet profile:

  1. Go to your profile on the top right of the page > Profile >Personal Profile

  2. Edit changes

    1. To update your name, job title, or contact phone numbers: update the information > Save

    2. To update your email address: Click Change Email

  3. Reconfirm your RapNet login credentials > Login

  4. Type in your new email address & confirm

  5. You will receive 2 emails:

    1. Sent to your old email address informing you of the change.

    2. Sent to your new email address asking you to verify the new email address > click 'here' to verify

  6. The new email address is verified and updated!

  • If the new email is not verified, you will still be able to access RapNet with the old email address.

  • The verification email expires after a day (24 hours) from the change email request.

This video explains how to update your email address on RapNet:

  1. We require proof of the additional user's employment, before being able to process any additional user. We accept either a pay stub or a letter from the company owner on letterheaded paper, signed, dated, and stamped. A Bourse card with the name of the additional user and the company is also acceptable.

  2. Read this article for guidance on how to upload a Government-issued ID.

  3. The cost for each additional user is $159 per year.

For further assistance and support, please go to our support page where you can contact us, check out our Help Articles, and leave feedback.

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