Once you've set up your Instant Inventory settings, it's time to create Jewelry Rules.

  • Rules define which jewelry you want to include in your feed

  • Each rule is made up of jewelry, suppliers and mark up

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Watch how to create an Instant Inventory Jewelry Feed

Jewelry Rule Setup

  1. Choose the jewelry you want to display on your website.

  2. Choose jewelry suppliers.

  3. Choose markup.

  4. Name your Rule

Note: You can display your own jewelry in the Instant Inventory jewelry feed but not show them on RapNet. Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions

  1. Choose jewelry criteria

  2. Choose suppliers

    1. All Suppliers table shows all the available suppliers.

    2. Selected Suppliers are suppliers you have included in this rule.

    3. Filter and select specific suppliers. Clicking Add All moves all suppliers to the Selected Suppliers all of the suppliers who approved listing permissions. This increases the amount of jewelry in your instant inventory feed.

    4. Click Request to submit a listing permission request to a particular supplier. Once the supplier approves your request, his name automatically moves to the Selected Suppliers table.

    5. Click + button to add a single supplier to your Selected Suppliers table.

    6. Delete All removes all suppliers from the Selected Suppliers table

  3. Choose price markups:

    1. Click on Add Markup to begin marking up your prices.

    2. Click Save & Finish

  4. Name and save the rule:

    1. Give your rule a name.

    2. Describe the jewelry parameters, suppliers, and markups that you chose in this rule.

Include your own jewelry in your Instant Inventory jewelry feed

This article explains how to do this.

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