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Ring Builder

Currently Instant Inventory widget does not have ring builder.

Using the API option for diamonds gives you the freedom to create your own or integrate with something you are currently using

Pricing on your retail website

You can choose if you want your website to show prices.

If you are using the diamond API, your web developer will do this for you.

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Shopping Cart options

You can include a Shopping Cart in your diamond widget.

  • The API option allows you to build a shopping cart or integrate with an existing one.

    • Read more about custom integration here

    • Click here for Add to Cart support

  • At the moment, the jewelry widget does not offer an add to cart.

  • Talk to your web programmer for help with this.

  1. Go to your Instant Inventory dashboard and choose your diamond feed.

  2. Click View and Edit.

  3. Customize Design

  4. Tick Add to Cart

Publishing fluorescence or measurements with Instant Inventory

  1. On the Diamond Widget

  2. Using the API: You can include filters on your website for these parameters, as well as depth, table, girdle and more!

For a full list of available values and formats:

Click here to read up about Instant Inventory API.

Publishing Instant Inventory in different languages

API Customization integration gives you more freedom with the look and design of your diamond search engine, allowing multiple languages, currencies, and ring builder.

Please direct your web developer to this page for guidance.

Note: API only available on the diamond feed.

Non-graded diamonds on the instant inventory diamond feed

You can include non-graded diamonds in your feed:

When you set up your diamond rule, move down to Grading Report and click More> choose None.

Customize the item stock number to display on your website

Currently, you cannot customize the diamond or jewelry stock number on your website.

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