Notifications for shared items

Following up on new leads and customers for shared diamond or jewelry items and items received on Chat

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We will notify you on RapNet and by email when a customer responds to an item you've shared by email, social media or posted on Facebook.

Notifications for items shared by email

We'll email you, informing you whether the customer liked or didn’t like the item.

Customer liked the item:

Customer did not like the item

Notifications for items shared by link or posted on Facebook

We'll email and notify you on RapNet when a customer fills out a form

Email: Click on See Item on RapNet to view item page

RapNet Notification: Click on the New Lead notification to view in The Leads Page

Click here to learn more about The Leads Page.

Notifications for items received on RapNet Chat

  • A notification on RapNet Chat with a link to the item

  • Click on the link and the item page pops up

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