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Share diamonds and jewelry in Chat
Share diamonds and jewelry in Chat
How to share diamonds or jewelry with RapNet members via RapNet Chat
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You can only share items with other RapNet members thru RapNet Chat.

  • Members do not share/receive shared items by email

  • Recipients review shared items inside the chat conversation and reply from there

2 ways to share items on Chat

Share with members from the Item Page

  1. Share Button

  2. Select contact or add a new email to create a new contact > Continue

    • Notes: If you created a new contact, their name appears in the drop down next time your share an item with them

    • Note the Rapaport icon indicating the new contact is a RapNet member

  3. Type in a message and click Share

  4. Recipient receives item on RapNet Chat

Share with member via Chat

  1. Copy the Lot# from the Item Page > Item Lot # is copied to your clipboard

  2. Chat > New Chat with Member > Type in member's name, company or RapNet ID > Continue

  3. Click Share icon

  4. Toggle between Diamond or Jewelry and paste in the copied Item Lot #

  5. Preview > Send

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