Manage leads & inquiries for shared items

How new leads/buyers contact you once you've posted items on Facebook or shared by email or via social media

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Once you've shared item/s on Facebook, email or social media, an interested customer can view an item page containing the item description and get in touch with you if interested in the item.

  • An item page shared by email has 2 action buttons for the buyer to choose from: "I like this item" or "Send me something else".

  • An item page shared on Facebook or public link includes an inquiry form so buyers can fill out their information and send back to you.

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Inquiries for items shared on Facebook or public link

  1. Customer views item and fills out the form >

  2. We notify you on RapNet and by email > click on the New Lead notification

  3. View new lead in the Leads page

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Inquiries for items shared by email

  1. Customer clicks chooses between 'I like this item' and 'Send me something else' > both buttons disappear from the item page once the customer clicks one of the buttons

  2. RapNet sends you an email to let you know - read more here

Inquiries for shared multiple jewelry items

  1. Customer views all items and fills out the form

  2. RapNet member receives New Lead notification on RapNet (or email/push notification depending on settings).

  3. Click on the New Lead notification > view new lead in the Leads page.

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