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List investment-grade diamonds on RapNet

How RapSpecs are assigned, listing an A1 Spec diamonds or Investment Grade Diamond on RapNet

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  • Investment-grade diamonds are diamonds with an accompanying Rapaport Diamond Certificate (RDC).

  • To be eligible for an RDC, the diamond must meet these Rapaport Diamond Specifications (Rapaport Specs):

    • Shape: Round Brilliant

    • Size: 0.50 carat and larger

    • Color: D-H

    • Clarity: IF-VS2

    • An accompanying GIA grading report issued within the past two years

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How are Rapaport Diamond Specifications (Rapaport Specs) assigned on RapNet?

As long as all your uploaded diamond data meets all the conditions listed in the particular RapSpec category, RapNet will automatically assign a Rapaport Spec to your uploaded diamond.

Example: If your diamond is Spec A3, you should compare the diamond data that you uploaded against the RapSpec A3 requirements (

How to list diamonds as RapSpec A1

To get a RapSpec A1, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Your diamond must have RapSpec A1 parameters and have an RDC grading report.

  2. Your upload file must include Seller Spec = A1.

To find out more about getting your diamonds graded as an Investment Grade Diamond, go to, or contact your local Rapaport office.

Allocating RapSpecs to your diamonds

RapSpecs are updated every 2 hours, so if your diamond hasn't yet been allocated one, don't worry.
If it has been more than 2 hours since you uploaded your diamond to RapNet please contact your local Customer Service office.

Getting an Investment Grade diamond report

To receive an RDC, you will need to send the stone to RapLab for quality control and physical inspection of the diamond and verify the following criteria:

  1. No borderline or grading errors by the GIA

  2. No Black Center (not graded by the GIA)

  3. No Shade/Tint (not graded by the GIA)

  4. Not Milky (not graded by the GIA)

Please go to for further information on RapLab and RDC.

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