Diamond Search Engine Parameters

Search by report number, seller name, latest listings, no BGM, lot location and brands

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RapNet's Basic Search Parameters

  • Weight, Shape, White or Fancy Colored, and Clarity

  • Diamond Cut

  • Buy request Notifications

  • Grading/Lab report number

  • Location with flexible delivery (which includes diamonds and sellers in your chosen location)

  • Seller: To search by company name, type in a specific seller's RapNet Account number or company name. (if you are choosing multiple sellers, separate the name or account number with a semicolon)

  • View diamonds listed by rated sellers only

  • Media: Images, Videos, or both.

Additional Search Preferences

  1. Grading Report or Report Number

  2. Diamond Location

  3. Diamond Rough Source and Green Star only diamonds

  4. RapNet or Cash Price: Within a price range

  5. Media: Diamonds accompanied by a photo or video or lab report

  6. Digital Notes

  7. Show Only:

    1. RapNet Verified: RapLab-certified diamonds. Click here to read more!

    2. Latest Listings: These are diamonds with new certificates listed on RapNet within the last 7 days.

    3. Matched pairs

    4. Primary Suppliers: Diamonds listed by Primary Suppliers only

You can also search for diamonds that fall within certain measurements, treated diamonds, brands, and more.

Search by Lab Report number on the App

You can also search for specific diamonds by entering the Lab Report number.

Search no BGM Diamonds

Note: When selecting ‘’no BGM’’ in the search form, the search results will include a ‘’mixed’’ filter to ‘’shades’’.

No BGM: Definition

This is the industry term for a diamond that does not contain a brown or green shade (tinge) and does not have a milky or cloudy appearance.

(Shade/tinge here does not refer to fancy-colored diamonds.

Eye-Clean: Definition

This is the industry term for a diamond that does not have any inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. Many SI and I1 clarity diamonds need additional information from the supplier as to whether these diamonds are Eye Clean. RapNet has added the ability to find Eye Clean diamonds.

Note: This is based on the seller’s representation and is not calculated and does not appear on the grading report.

BGM is not a required diamond upload field. Some suppliers write comments regarding BGM in the supplier comment section.
Alternatively, you can directly ask individual suppliers directly about BGM via the messaging center or Trade Center.

Search for Diamond Brands

Scroll to the bottom of the diamond search form to filter for specific brands such as Canada Mark, Hearts & Arrows, Argyle, 88-Cut, Canadian Ice, Hearts on Fire, and Polar Bear.

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