Saved Diamond Searches

Add, Remove and Edit Saved Searches

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Save time by saving a customized search for diamonds you commonly need, with an option to receive an automatic notification as soon as the diamonds matching your search become available!

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Add a saved search

  1. Enter your diamond criteria

  2. Click on the Save Search icon

  3. Name your search. (Option to save the search in a specific group or create a new group)

  4. Click 'Send me Notifications' to receive immediate or daily notification whenever diamonds matching your search specs become available 

Load a saved search:

  1. Select Load Saved Searches

  2. Select the Saved Search you require

Find, Edit, or Delete Saved Searches

Find all your saved searches under the 'Saved Searches' tab and perform these actions:

  1. Drop-down to select a group saved search.

  2. Edit the name of the saved search or delete this saved search.

  3. Change the search notification preferences.

  4. Delete all/selected saved searches.

  5. Click the magnifying glass alongside the search to open the search.

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