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Guidance for valuing very small or very large diamonds

How to price diamonds that are below the list weight and color scale or above 10.99 carat

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Valuing diamonds below the list weight or color scale

Generally, diamonds below 0.29 carat will not have a grading report and are not priced using Rapaport prices.

However, in some cases, diamond traders will use the last available price and adjust the discount accordingly (i.e. you take the price for N color and use that as a base for colors below N).

There is no official Rapaport Price for these diamonds.

Valuing diamonds above 10.99 carat

Diamonds above 10.99 carats are rare, and so do not have a Rapaport List price.

They can be valued by looking at auction results or the RapNet platform and seeing what other sellers are asking for similar diamonds.

These are rare enough to be individually priced.

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