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I am looking for diamond pricing information
I am looking for diamond pricing information

Diamond Pricing information and the Rapaport price list

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The Rapaport Price List is the international benchmark used by dealers to establish diamond prices in all the major markets.

It is the primary source of diamond prices used by every dealer, diamond merchant, or jeweler to establish and negotiate diamond prices in all the major markets.

A subscription to the Rapaport Diamond Price List offers you access to the Rapaport Price List with diamond prices based on the size, color, and clarity of each diamond.

The Rapaport Diamond Price List Membership also includes:

  • Free, valuable, and exclusive Rapaport pricing tools: Rapaport’s Diamond Price Calculator and TradeScreen for real diamond price negotiation power

  • Free RapNet App: The Rapaport Price List and pricing tools are also freely available on the RapNet App, helping you do business wherever you are! 

  • Market news and information

  • The Rapaport Diamond Report (Magazine) featuring the Rapaport Diamond Price List reaches out to all the important people in the diamond industry. It covers diamond prices, the latest news, market analysis, statistical information, and market data.  The magazine is available in both digital and hard copy. 

Learn more about the Rapaport Price List here or subscribe now for one year.

If you are looking to give your diamond business the edge it needs and trade at real competitive prices, click here to find out more about RapNet.

RapNet is Rapaport’s exclusive diamond and jewelry trading network.

With over 1.5 million diamonds listed daily, RapNet is a community where you can build long-term international business relationships with over 12,000 trusted members of the trade.

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