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Primary Supplier Monthly Performance Report
Primary Supplier Monthly Performance Report
What are RapNet Monthly Performance Reports and how to understand them
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Data analytics is a vital tool for evaluating any business.

Gathering data such as page views, audience demographic, and specific actions highlights what is working well and what might need changing.

Monthly Performance Reports are an exclusive Primary Supplier benefit and help you understand what's going on in the diamond market.

The report gauges your previous month's sales activity by indicating metrics such as how active your diamonds are, the number of diamond views, shares to social media, views on a site using Instant Inventory, and country demographics.

This helps you optimize your pricing strategy and have a better understanding of how your Primary Supplier membership works for you.

The report is published on the first of each month and is accessible from the Reports Section on RapNet.

Reading your Monthly Performance Report

The numbers in the report are broken down into different segments so you can see how diamonds are performing.

  1. Report Date: The dates for which the data is taken.

  2. Actions - What kind of action happened to this diamond

    1. Instant Inventory view: if you allow your diamonds to be published on member sites using Instant Inventory, you can see how many people viewed a diamond. Click here to read more!

    2. Shares: how many times a diamond was shared and where the RapNet member is located.

    3. View Diamond: how many times a diamond was viewed/expanded/item page opened and the RapNet member's location.

  3. Number of Actions: Total number of times the action happened

  4. Country and # Country:

    1. The top 5 countries viewing/sharing your diamonds and the number of times. then the number of views from other countries.

Note: If a single diamond was shared and viewed, the lot number is repeated in a new row.

Top Tip: Filtering your report by country helps you understand where

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