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How to indicate the country of source when uploading diamonds to RapNet

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Due to sanctions imposed on diamonds originating from Russia, you can now indicate your diamonds' Rough Diamond Source when uploading diamonds to RapNet.

List of Accepted Countries or Mines








Sierra Leone


De Beers Auction


South Africa





Single diamond upload: Diamond Source

  1. Go to the Single Diamond Upload > scroll down to the field name Source at the bottom of the page.

  2. Please select the country of mine via a drop-down in the Source of the Rough section.

Multiple diamond uploads: Diamond Source

If you upload with a diamond inventory file, you can either add a new field named Source to your file and type in the country of source or mining company using one of the values on this list or fill in the rough diamond source in the existing Member Comments field.

  • Field name Source

    • Add field name Source to your inventory file

    • Type in the country of source or mining company - click here for a list of countries or mines.

  • Member Comments field

    • Type in "Source: Country/Mine", for example, "Source: Botswana".

    • If you use this field for other comments, you can just place the source at the end - click here for a list of countries or mines.

Countries or mining companies are displayed in the search results like this:

  • The blue circle with the letter S indicates diamonds with a known source.

  • Country of origin field names the country or mining company.

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