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FTP for uploading inventory and images to RapNet (File Transfer Protocol)
FTP for uploading inventory and images to RapNet (File Transfer Protocol)

How to transfer diamond or jewelry inventory and image files from your computer to RapNet Media Library using FTP

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FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) is a simple, secure, and reliable method designed to transfer large amounts of data or multiple files from one computer to another. It's also faster than other methods such as uploading data or media files via a website.

Using RapNet's FTP means that you can now upload your diamond and jewelry inventory and media, faster and more efficiently.

This video also explains exactly how to set up your FTP using FileZilla.

RapNet FTP Upload Requirements

Before uploading images using FTP, you need the following:

  1. A CSV diamond or jewelry inventory file, or folder with diamond or jewelry images:

    • Save the inventory file or image folders to the computer where the Key File and FTP Client are saved.

    • Images

      • Acceptable image file types: JPG, PNG, and Gifs

      • Image Filenames: In English and one word only.

  2. An FTP Client:

    1. This is the communication program used to transfer your data. It needs to be installed on your computer or server.

    2. We recommend using FileZilla.

  3. An FTP Password: Generate a username and password to connect lots and upload media

Download FTP Client

  1. Click here to download FileZilla > Select ‘Standard FTP’ > Download

  2. Open file > Run > select "anyone who uses the computer"

  3. Complete installation

FTP Password or Key File

FTP Password: Go to RapNet FTP Setup > click "Generate Password" > Copy the password.

Step 1: FTP Setup & Connection

Once you have downloaded the FTP client and you have either your FTP Password or Key File, you are ready to set up the connection to RapNet's FTP service.

  1. Open FileZilla > File > Site Manager

  2. Click the New Site button. A New Site folder appears.

  3. Name your new site "RapNet". Your new site is created.

  4. Go to the right-hand panel > select the General tab

  5. FTP Connection

    1. Modify the following:

      1. Protocol: Select SFTP-SSH from the drop-down menu

      2. Host: Copy and paste:

    2. Connect using either an FTP Password

      1. Logon Type: Select Normal from the drop-down menu

      2. User: Copy and paste your RapNet username from RapNet’s FTP upload settings (this is usually your Rapaport Account Number)

      3. Password: Paste the password you generated.

    3. Connect > Check the box that asks you to always trust this host > click OK.

Understanding the FTP Dashboard

  • The FTP connection is now active with 5 window panes

  • The left-hand side is your computer

  • The right-hand side is your RapNet Media Library

  1. FTP connection status

  2. Your computer: Browse to find your image folder

  3. Inventory or Image files inside your selected image folder

  4. FTP Remote Site (RapNet Media Library): This is the RapNet site where your inventory or image files will be transferred to

    1. Click on your account number to view diamond and jewelry folders

    2. Choose

      1. Diamonds to upload your diamond listings or images to upload diamond images to your Diamond Image Media Library

      2. Jewelry to upload your jewelry listings or images to upload jewelry images to your Jewelry Image Media Library

  5. FTP filename: Inventory or images that were uploaded to your RapNet Account appear here.

Step 2: Transfer Inventory or Images via FTP

  1. In the top right window pane (4), double-click on your account number and double-click on either the diamond or jewelry folder: [use the + icon to open]

    1. To upload diamond inventory: choose diamonds > lots

    2. To upload diamond Images: choose diamonds > images

    3. To upload jewelry Inventory: choose jewelry > lots

    4. To upload jewelry Images: choose jewelry > images

  2. Go to the local site (2) > browse and select your inventory or image folder from your computer

  3. Select the inventory file, image folder, or individual images (3) > drag & drop across to the FTP files site. (5)

  4. FTP connection status should show ‘successful’ (1) > go to RapNet and check your uploads:

    1. Diamond inventory: Diamond Upload History

    2. Jewelry Inventory: Manage my Jewelry

Important Notes for FTP Diamond Inventory Uploads

When uploading diamonds, you can choose to either: Replace All or Add and Update

  1. Replace All: Lots not included in the upload file are removed from RapNet.

  2. Add and Update: New lots are added, existing lots are updated and lots that are not included in the upload file are untouched.

On FTP, the "Replace All" and "Add & Update" setting is based on the inventory filename:

  • Add & Update: Your filename should contain the word “update”. For example: mystock_update.csv / stockupdate.csv / update12_stock.csv)

  • Replace All: Your filename does not contain the word “update” (e.g. mystock.csv)

Important Notes for FTP Jewelry Inventory Uploads

You cannot fix column headers or field values when uploading jewelry lots using FTP.

  • If a field name is incorrect, the entire jewelry file will not upload. Your inventory file will go into an FTP "error" folder - see the screenshot below.

    • We recommend uploading jewelry for the first time via RapNet and not FTP. That way you can map all field names for future FTP uploads.

    • Refer to this Help Article for support.

  • If the inventory file contains missing or invalid jewelry values, the valid jewelry items will upload successfully and the jewelry with missing or invalid values will be suppressed.

    • We provide you with a jewelry error file so that you can see your errors and how to correct values.

    • You can find the jewelry error file in the FTP "error" folder - see the screenshot below.

    • Click here to learn how to understand and fix your invalid jewelry lots & the jewelry error file.

Adding more Inventory or Images using FTP

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct images folder in the Remote Site (4)

  2. Go to the local site (2) > browse and select your image folder from your computer

  3. Select all images > Right Click > Upload

  4. If some of the images are already inside your Media Library, do the following

    1. Actions > Overwrite

    2. Check 'Always use this action

    3. Check 'Apply only to uploads'

Advanced Tip:

To save bandwidth and not overwrite images, go to the Transfer tab in the Menu bar.

  1. Select Default File Exist Action

  2. Uploads: Choose Overwrite File If Size Differs from the drop-down menu > OK.

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