The Jewelry Item Page
The jewelry item page, complete jewelry information, contact the seller and share jewelry by email or social media
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The jewelry item page

  1. Share and Actions

    1. Share: email, social media link and Facebook

    2. Actions

  2. Jewelry title and description

  3. Seller Details + contact seller button

  4. Item price

  5. Jewelry description includes wherever available:

    1. Jewelry style, category, condition and quality

    2. Metal

    3. Weight/Measurements/Ring size

    4. MSRP = the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. [This is the price that a product's manufacturer recommends it be sold for at point of sale.]

  6. Jewelry Media: more images, plus video and attached documents wherever available

  7. Gemstone information

  8. Jewelry availability: Terms of sale, number in stock and minimum order amount

  9. Delivery Location: Sellers can offer delivery from the jewelry's location to multiple delivery locations, with individual prices, terms and delivery times based on the delivery location.

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