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Introduction to RapChat Buy/Sell Groups
Introduction to RapChat Buy/Sell Groups

How to join RapChat Buy/Sell Groups for buy requests, trading certified diamonds and uncertified parcels

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RapChat's Buy/Sell Groups are another great benefit of being part of the RapNet community!

Within each group, buyers post what they are looking for and sellers respond directly to these requests from their phone in real-time.

RapChat's Buy/Sell groups promotes chatting directly with RapNet members, encouraging more sales and stronger connections within the global RapNet community.

The groups are convenient and informal, and best of all, members chat in a safe, secure environment, confident in the knowledge that they are dealing only with verified RapNet members.

There are 3 RapChat groups:

  1. Trading Chat Group

  2. Buy Requests Only Group

  3. Uncertified Parcel Trade Group

Note: RapChat Buy/Sell groups is only available right now on the RapNet App.

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RapChat Buy/Sell Group Benefits

Buyer Benefits

  • Find what you’re looking for more quickly and easily!
    Post what you need in the group and let the RapNet community bring the diamonds and jewelry to you.

  • Safe and secure environment, confidence of dealing with verified RapNet sellers only.

  • Easy and convenient chat format.

  • Chat directly to sellers, in real time, on your phone.

Seller Benefits

  • Respond to Buy Requests in real time!
    Sell to eager buyers direct from your phone and get more customers

  • Safe and secure environment, confidence of dealing with verified RapNet sellers only.

  • Easy and convenient chat format

  • Chat directly to buyers, in real time, on our phone

Top RapChat Buy/Sell Group features

  • View participants in the group: name of the member and company name

  • Publicly comment on a post

  • Start new threads based on comments or send a private message by opening up a new chat

  • Translation on demand

  • Share media or documents (Word, XLS or PDF)

  • Push notifications for new messages with the option to mute notifications

  • Find all shared media in a separate section within the chat  

  • Admin permissions: Primary account holders can set permissions for additional user joining Buy/Sell Groups

Find RapChat Buy/Sell Group on the RapNet App

Join a Buy/Sell group

Click Buy/Sell Groups on your dashboard > select a group > click Join to enter

RapChat rules and participation

Our common goal is to boost more sales and build stronger connections within the global RapNet community, securely and directly with verified members of the trade.

Below is brief overview of our rules.

Chats are moderated. Failure to keep to the rules can result in a post being removed/deleted, a member being muted and possibly being banned from a group.

  1. RapChat Buy/Sell groups are for members wanting to buy and sell diamonds, jewelry, watches, pearls and precious stones.

  2. No buy requests or offering synthetics in RapChat groups are allowed.

  3. No spamming! We will block spammers and delete posts which are clearly spam.

  4. Keep it professional and respectful! We expect our members to behave politely and respectfully towards every member, without harassment, name calling or monopolizing chats.

  5. Trade only! RapChat groups are dedicated to diamond and jewelry trade only.

  6. Safety first! Do not post payment information or personal details on this group.

  7. Disputes and Admin. RapNet takes no responsibility for your direct trading, however we will try to assist wherever possible. Please contact the Administrator of the RapChat group if you require assistance.

  8. RapChat is part of RapNet and our Member License Agreement, Trading Rules and Privacy Policy apply to this feature. Under no circumstances will Rapaport take any responsibility or accept any liability for the contents of and/or comments made by members and displayed in any RapChat Buy/Sell Group.

Click here to read RapChat's complete terms and rules.

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