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Diamond Rules

Once you've set up your Instant Inventory settings, it's time to create Diamond Rules.

  • Rules define which diamonds you want to include in your feed.

  • Each rule is made up of diamonds, suppliers and mark up.

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Diamond Rule Setup

  1. Choose diamond parameters criteria

  2. Choose suppliers

  3. Choose markup

  4. Name & Save your rule

Note: You can include your own diamonds in the Instant Inventory diamond feed but not show them on RapNet. Scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions

  1. Choose Diamond Parameters

    1. Rules for white and fancy colored diamonds:

      1. All rules filter into one feed.

      2. At this time, for the Instant Inventory widget, we do not offer the option to separate the information based on a particular feed (White or Fancy Color).

      3. If you are using our diamond API, you can set the search type in your customized search widget to White D-Z or Fancy Color to force selection of only white or fancy colored diamonds.

    2. Note:

      1. Mandatory fields for diamonds: Shape, size, color, clarity, finish, grading report and prices.

      2. Selecting non mandatory fields reduces the amount of diamonds or jewelry in your instant inventory feed.

  2. Choose Suppliers

    1. All Suppliers table shows all the available suppliers.

    2. Selected Suppliers are suppliers you have included in this rule

    3. Filter and select specific suppliers. Clicking Add All moves all suppliers to the Selected Suppliers all of the suppliers who approved listing permissions. This increases the amount of diamonds in your instant inventory feed.

    4. Click Request to submit a listing permission request to a particular supplier. Once the supplier approves your request, his name automatically moves to theSelected Suppliers table.

    5. Click + button to add a single supplier to your Selected Suppliers table

    6. Delete All removes all suppliers from the Selected Suppliers table.

  3. Choose Price Marksups

    1. Click on Add Markup to begin marking up your prices.

    2. Click Save & Finish.

  4. Name and save your rule:

    1. Give your rule a name.

    2. Describe the diamond parameters, suppliers, and mark ups that you chose in this rule.

Ready to publish diamond feed!

Your feed is ready to publish on your website! Choose one of 3 options:

  1. Add new Rule: Create multiple rules within one feed to select specific inventory for certain supplier or apply different mark ups, depending on supplier or geographical location.

  2. Go to dashboard: View your instant inventory, inventory rules, suppliers, and settings.

  3. Activate: Publish your Instant Inventory feed on your website.

Display your own diamonds on Instant Inventory

The Own Stock feature on Instant inventory lets you display your diamonds on Instant Inventory but they will not be visible on RapNet.

  1. Go to your Instant Inventory diamond feed dashboard > Click View and Edit

  2. Click Own Stock > Drag & Drop or Browse an existing CSV stock file

Download our CSV template if this is the first time you are uploading stock and follow this guidance for Upload with CSV format via the RapNet website.


  • Images: only images uploaded to RapNet display on Instant Inventory.

  • Videos: Click here for a complete list of whitelisted diamond video providers on RapNet.

  • We do not publish duplicates. If your own stock includes a diamond already listed in your feed, only the cheapest goes into Instant inventory.

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