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Introduction to sharing items on social media
Introduction to sharing items on social media

Share diamonds and jewelry items on the web and app via RapNet Chat, email, Facebook and social media

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Using RapNet's share buttons, it's now easy to share diamond and jewelry items from RapNet with your personal customers. You can send items to targeted customers via an email or a link, or post items on Facebook for visitors while they browse your page.

Once they express interest, you can add them as contacts to your RapNet contacts and send them more items and create follow ups and schedule meetings so you don't lose a sale.

  • Share items with RapNet members via Chat: Click here to read more

  • Share items with non-RapNet members by email, link or post on Facebook.

You can also track and manage items shared with non-RapNet members via the Items Shared Page.

RapNet Share Buttons

These Share buttons are on every diamond and jewelry item page except for matched pairs of diamonds.

  1. Click to email non-RapNet members or share with members through RapNet Chat.

  2. Click to generate a link and share by text, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype etc.or anywhere on social media.

  3. Cick to post an item on your Facebook page.

What happens when sharing items:

  • You can hide or add a price markup before sharing items on Facebook or with non-RapNet members.

  • When sending items by email to non-RapNet members:

    • The customer receives the email from the RapNet member's email address listed on the RapNet member’s account. The email does not come from RapNet itself.

    • The email contains a URL link which is live for 48 hours.

  • Shared items via link or posted on Facebook are live for 7 days

  • Item pages generated by a link or shared on Facebook include an inquiry form allowing the customer to fill out their contact information. There are 2 buttons on pages shared by email, where the customer chooses between 'Like' or 'Send me something else'

  • When a customer fills out a form or chooses 'like' or 'send me something else', we'll notify you on RapNet and send you an email. Click here to set up your notifications.

  • RapNet's Items Shared page lets you review and/ deactivate active shared links before they expire.

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