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The Contact's page

Manage your relationship, appointments and follow ups inside each Contact: Log activities, schedule appointments and tasks

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The Contact’s Page helps you manage your relationship with each customer on a personal level, including your customers who are not RapNet members.

Here you can:

  • View shared item history

  • Log activities

  • Schedule appointments

  • Add personal notes

  • Set tasks and reminders

This article covers:

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Navigate a contact's page

Each activity, reminder and appointment is entered into the contact’s timeline, at the bottom of the contact's page. We email you a reminder when an activity or task is due.

  1. Contact information, edit contact and close contact page

  2. Company details and ratings, wherever available for RapNet members

  3. Add Tags: Tag companies according to their profile, log activities, add notes and create tasks.

  4. Log interactions, schedule appointments, set reminders and add personal notes for a specific contact. Each activity, reminder and appointment is entered into this contact’s timeline.

Log an Activity

You can log different types of interactions: Call, Meeting or Email.

  1. Add a Tag

  2. Choose to log an email/call/meeting

  3. Choose the date the interaction occurred

  4. Describe your call/meeting/email and Create a new follow up task

  5. Save the log. The log appears in upcoming section and in your timeline. The timeline includes your personal notes from that call/meeting/email

RapNet notifies you via email on the day of the task.

Add a Note

You can add as many notes as you want, and they will appear in your contact’s timeline.

Add a new task

Add a reminder about the customer, set up a task date and time, and RapNet will email you a reminder on the day of the task.

The Contact's Timeline

This show all interactions made with the contact in a chronological order. RapNet members can edit past events and filter them by event type (logs, notes, reminders) and by date.

  1. All actions related to this contact (logs, notes and reminders) is displayed in a chronological order, including items shared

  2. Filter by events (emails/calls/meetings/tasks) and by date (today/this week/this monthly)

  3. Edit and delete any timeline events, both past and upcoming:

    • Change Status to to-do/done/cancelled

    • Edit task

    • Cancel task

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