My Contacts is a central place where you can quickly and efficiently manage all your diamond and jewelry business contacts, trading and personal interactions.

You can store an unlimited amount of contacts and your contacts can include both RapNet members and non-RapNet members /individuals.

Within each contact, you can:

  • View shared item history
  • Log interactions
  • Schedule appointments
  • Set tasks and reminders
  • Add personal notes
  • Tag contacts into groups, according to your company’s personal preferences.

Each activity, reminder and appointment is entered into this contact’s timeline and we email you a reminder when an activity or task is due.

Note: The RapNet Contacts feature is only available on the RapNet Trade website, and not on RapNet Classic.

Click here to access your Contacts Page and start managing all of your contacts in one place so that communication and trading becomes is seamless, efficient and more productive.

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