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How to add single or multiple contacts to My Contacts via the RapNet website or using your phone and the RapNet app

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In this article we will learn how to add one or more contacts via the web or your phone, and how to add a contact on the fly, when sharing items with them by email.


  • Right now it's not possible to import your contacts from other platforms such as Outlook, Gmail.

  • All contacts are visible to all members of your account.

  • The contact’s first name, last name and email address are mandatory fields in order to save a contact.

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Create new contacts on RapNet

Add a single contact via the My Contacts page or when sharing an item.

Via My Contacts page

  • People > MY CONTACTS > + New Contact

  • Type in your contact’s information and click Save. Pop up screen confirms your contact has been successfully added.

When sharing an item

Read these Help Articles to learn how share diamond and jewelry items with all your customers by email and create a new contact.

Add Multiple Contacts via RapNet website

You can import multiple contacts into My Contacts via RapNet using a CSV file.

With this method you can also create your new contacts with new or existing tags!

  1. RapNet > My Contacts > Import from CSV

  2. CSV file pop up > download CSV template

  3. Either type in your contacts into the CSV file or export a list of contacts from your customer management system and copy/paste them into the correct columns > Save
    NOTE: First name, Last name and email address are mandatory fields

  4. Go back to RapNet My Contacts > Browse, Drag & Drop your CSV file > click Import.

  5. We notify you once your file has been processed and there's a report is ready under My Reports section and the contacts are now added to My Contacts on RapNet.

Reports Center

Your newly added contacts

Create new contacts via your phone and the RapNet App

Create a single contact via your phone

Watch this video to learn how to import a single contact from your phone!

Step by step visual

Add Multiple Contacts via your phone

Watch this video to learn how to import multiple contacts from your phone into RapNet My Contacts.

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