RapNet Chat gives you the ability to communicate directly with other members or with a group of members, making your diamond and jewelry trades simpler, easier and more efficient.

Member to member chat also opens when responding to buy requests or sharing diamond and jewelry items.

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Top RapNet Chat features

  • Search by company name, ID or member name 

  • Create up to 10 group chats from various accounts 

  • Get a read/unread message receipt

  • Preview the latest 5 chat conversation from the top menu bar (web only)

  • Leave a chat or leave a group chat 

  • Archive a chat and find it in the archived chats section 

  • Close a group chat 

  • Rename a group chat  

  • Find all shared media in a separate section within the chat  

  • Read/unread status – check out whether your message was viewed  

  • Translate messages to your preferred language

  • Share diamonds and jewelry and send attachments of up to 25 MB

RapNet Chat works on both the app and desktop and are synced, allowing seamless transitions between your smartphone and the office.


  • Chats are kept for 6 months and are removed after 6 months of inactivity on that chat. You will not be able to retrieve them after that time and you cannot export them either.

  • You cannot delete messages after you've sent them

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Start Chatting on the web

Start a Group Chat on the Web

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Start a Chat on the App

Start a Group Chat on the App

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