Introduction to RapNet Chat

RapNet Chat/Messenger features, find Chat on RapNet Web and App, start a one to one or group chat or chat about a buy request

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RapNet Chat gives you the ability to communicate directly with other members or with a group of members, making your diamond and jewelry trades simpler, easier, and more efficient.

Member-to-member chat also opens when responding to buy requests or sharing diamond and jewelry items.

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Top RapNet Chat features

  • Create up to 10 group chats & get read/unread message receipts

  • Preview the latest 5 chat conversations from the top menu bar and instantly respond from any page (web only)

  • Archive a chat and find it in the archived chats section 

  • Rename or close a group chat  

  • Share diamonds and jewelry and send attachments of up to 25 MB & find all shared media in a separate section within the chat  

  • Translate messages to your preferred language

  • Chat in the Buy Request Screen: Click here & here to read more!

RapNet Chat works on both the app and desktop and is synced, allowing seamless transitions between your smartphone and the office.


  • Chats are kept for 6 months and are removed after 6 months of inactivity on that chat. You will not be able to retrieve them after that time and you cannot export them either.

  • You cannot delete messages after you've sent them

Find chat on the web

Start Chatting on the web

Start a Group Chat on the Web

Find Chat on the App

Start a Chat on the App

Start a Group Chat on the App

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