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Integrate Instant Inventory into a Wix website
Integrate Instant Inventory into a Wix website

How to integrate RapNet Instant Inventory into a Wix website

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  1. Go to your Instant Inventory, choose your feed > Actions > Publish to My Website

  2. Copy Script. This is the code we are using on the Wix website.

  3. Go to Wix Website Editor > Site Actions > Edit Site > go to you website

  4. Add > Embed > A custom Embed Menu appears > Select HTML iframe

  5. Click Enter Code > paste the Instant Inventory Script > click Apply

  6. Click Publish (top right of the page)

  7. Copy the URL at the top of the Wix page and move back to RapNet Instant Inventory Settings

  8. Paste the URL from your Wix website in Instant Inventory Settings > Website URL field.

  9. Add at the end of the URL

    For example, if your Wix website is, insert ‘ in the website field

  10. Save

If your widget is not displaying fully in your Wix website, click here for guidance.

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