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The custom print option does not include the diamond report number
The custom print option does not include the diamond report number

Custom print cert numbers

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September 10, 2019: In order to protect seller's diamond information, we have removed the option of including the diamond report number/ certificate number in the custom print feature.

The identity of the RapNet listed diamond is the RapNet Lot Number.

Further explanation:

Whilst we understand that the Lab report number was a convenient way of sending information outside of RapNet, too many RapNet members were finding their diamond information taken from RapNet and sold to unscrupulous online websites who would advertise the diamonds at cheap prices just to get incoming calls. This hurts the owners of the diamonds and any subsequent purchasers.

To balance the interests of all RapNet members, we removed grading report number but left owner information, RapNet Lot Number and stock number in the print/email function.

This still makes the diamond readily identifiable and traceable to the owner whilst still safeguarding the RapNet members and their diamond information.

How do I find the diamond on RapNet?

If you’ve sent your client a list of diamonds from RapNet and if the lab name is mention on the printout, then the diamond has a grading report.

You can use the RapNet lot number (or the supplier’s stock number) to easily identify the diamond

To buy the diamond or find out more details, log in to RapNet and search using the RapNet Lot Number. You can also search by the supplier’s stock number to easily identify the diamond and bring up all the diamond details.

We trust this explains why we took the necessary security step of removing the diamond lab information from the print out and provides you with a solid alternative.

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