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Starting out and looking for diamond pricing information?
Starting out and looking for diamond pricing information?
Diamond industry knowledge and diamond pricing information
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If you are brand new to the industry, the Rapaport Academy's Fundamentals of Diamond Trading course is a stepping stone towards learning the broad diamond industry as a whole.

The course provides you with an opportunity to enhance your diamond industry knowledge by learning the Industry landscape, key players as well as essential trading terminologies. You will also learn the impact of technology and innovations, best practices, and insights for buying and selling rough diamonds. Learning how to study market trends and upcoming changes will be of great importance as it will give you the leverage of conversing from the same wavelength with clients and also making informed decisions when making sales decisions.

Fundamentals of Diamond Trading is a course packed with principles and experts’ insights,  focusing on the day-to-day practicalities of trading in today’s diamond market. Industry experts share strategies and inside knowledge that will take your diamond trading knowledge to another level.

We would also advise subscribing to the Rapaport Price List. Click here to sign up.

You can choose to get the price list once a month or once a week, depending on how often you want your price list to be updated.

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