Rapaport Price List Format & APIs

Rapaport price list formats, API options for downloading to diamond software and API authentication

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Rapaport Price List Formats

The Rapaport Price List is available for round and pear-shaped diamonds and parcels in a number of formats. Click here to view all Rapaport Price List Formats

  • Some formats are only intended for viewing, and can therefore not be retrieved programmatically

  • We recommend that you use a normalized format since this will prevent errors if there are any changes in the price list formats

  • The Rapaport Price List in Rupees is also available in PDF format.

Rapaport Price List API

Active members with software programs can access Rapaport Price Data through their applications.

  • Click here to access all our Price List formats and APIs

  • We recommend using a standard format, such as Data Format 2. This will prevent errors if there are any changes in the price list formats

  • The Price List formats and APIs are accessible with an active Rapaport subscription only

Rapaport Price List API: Download & Authentication

  • To download and integrate the Rapaport Price List file into your software, you/your programmer need security credentials to authenticate and access the Price List data

  • For security reasons, do not share your RapNet login credentials with your programmer. Create a separate set of credentials called Access Keys which will enable you to securely give programmers or Tech teams access to Rapaport services, without sharing RapNet login credentials.

  • Click here to learn how to create Access Keys.

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