Your developer or programmer needs a separate set of security credentials to enable them to call one of our secure Instant Inventory APIs and access the instant inventory data.

These API credentials are called Access Keys.

The Access Key verifies who the programmer is and whether they have permission to access the resources or data they are requesting.


  • For security purposes, do not share your RapNet login credentials with your programmer or Tech Team whilst they work on Instant Inventory.

  • Only RapNet Primary Users can activate, delete and manage Access Keys.

  • You can activate 2 Access Keys at any one time.

Set up an Access Key

Watch this video to learn how to or continue reading for step-by-step guidance.

  1. Click here to go to your Access Key manager page

  2. Log in using your RapNet credentials.

  3. Click to activate an Access Key: A Key (username) and Secret (password) are automatically generated

  4. Send the Key and Secret to your programmer.

Disable or Delete the Access Key

Important: If you are having difficulty logging into TechNet, please contact your Account manager.

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