RapNet Security and Access

For the safety and security of all our members, sharing passwords is strictly forbidden and is strictly limited to the registered member.

Password sharing goes against our terms and agreements. Please refer to this article for more on this subject, including the member license agreement which all members sign when joining RapNet.

RapNet Access for Employees

All employees needing RapNet access should have their own login, be listed in the system, and be verified by us at Rapaport.

Read this article for guidance on how to add additional members to your account.

RapNet Access for Programmers or Developers

  • For security reasons, do not share your RapNet login credentials with your programmer. Creating a separate set of credentials called Access Keys and will enable you to securely give programmers or Tech teams access to Rapaport services, without sharing RapNet login credentials.

  • Watch this video to learn how to set up an Access Key

Note: If you are having difficulty logging into TechNet, please go to our support page where you can send us an email or chat with us directly.

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