RapNet XL is a powerful add-on for Microsoft Excel which allows you to combine the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel with RapNet and the Rapaport Price List.

Use RapNet XL to:

  • Upload your inventory to RapNet® – one click updating and uploading.
  • Automatically synchronize your inventory with the latest Rapaport Prices.
  • Calculate your diamond inventory based on percentages off Rapaport Prices.
  • View RapNet® best/average prices as well as the Rapaport Prices next to your inventory.
  • Download your current RapNet® stock directly to Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Update your online diamond listings instantly, with no delay.
  • Download RapNet® Buy Requests from the RapNet® to Microsoft® Excel®.

Click here to watch how to download and use RapNet XL

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