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Understanding Search Results

The diamonds matching your search are displayed in the search results page. If there is more than one page of results, the number of pages appears at the bottom left of the list. Click Next to view the next page of results.

1. Statistic totals for your search are viewed at the top of the page  Statistics per page appear at the bottom of each page.

2. Actions:

  • ‘Sort by’ button - By default, RapNet search results are listed with best priced diamonds showing first. The ‘sort by’ button enables you to sort and filter on 4 levels. You can also click the column header to view the details in either ascending or descending order. Click the column header again to change between them.
  • 'More’ allows you to perform actions for multiple diamonds (see further down this page)
  • ‘New Search’ takes you back to a blank search engine
  • ‘Modify’ gives you the ability to edit your current search criteria.
  • ‘Filters’ allows you to modify your search on the fly

3. Seller information

  • Gold crown indicates Primary Supplier
  • Ratings (%) indicates positive feedback

View a Diamond's Details

To view the details for a particular diamond, click anywhere on the row to expand the diamond summary or collapse the diamond data.

1. View detailed information for each diamond

2. Diamond availability and pricing information. Use the mini calculator inside the pricing section to do some workings out.

3. Media section provides you with report check, the Diamond Grading Report and diagram if one exists plus images and videos wherever available

4. Actions for Single Diamond. These options are available within each diamond:

  • Contact Seller - to send a message of interest or an offer to the seller. Follow up and negotiate inside RapNet Trade Center
  • Compare – Select one out of a maximum of 10 diamonds to compare.
  • Track this diamond - Click on the star to track this diamond and be notified of any changes to its results. The diamond will appear in your ‘tracked diamond box’ and will remain there until you untrack it or it comes off RapNet.
  • ‘More|
    - Email Results to email diamond details
    - Print out the details for this diamond
    - Report incorrect listing to us by filling in the form and clicking send.
    - Making a note adds a memo to this diamond that will be visible only to you. Choose a color for the note and click ‘save’.

5. Supplier Information: Click on the supplier’s name to view the supplier’s company profile in the member directory.

Actions for Multiple Diamonds

Select the diamonds you wish to view, print, email, track or contact.
Do this by ticking the box next to a diamond.  To select all diamonds on this page, tick the box at the top of the column. Clear the box to de-select all the diamonds.
Click 'More' to choose which action you want to perform:

  • Open/Close/Show Selected/Track/Print or Email diamonds 
  • Compare up to 10 diamonds at any one time, side by side.  You can compare up to 10 diamonds at any one time, view them alongside each other, delete the ones you don’t need and pin the ones you want to keep.
  • Customize your search results view and include other parameters
  • Contact one or multiple sellers

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