Rapaport Specifications

Explanation about Rapaport Specs and how to use them in your diamond search

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RapSpecs, short for Rapaport Specifications, classify diamonds into different quality groups for easy reference and sorting.

They are for Round shape laboratory graded diamonds and are based on a combination of measurements, finish, and other physical diamond characteristics.

  • RapSpecs are A, B, or C and broken down further into divisions (e.g. A1, A2, A3)

  • All RapSpecs that start with a letter refer to GIA graded diamonds only

  • Non-GIA grading reports also have RapSpecs, but they are less exact and on a different scale (1, 2, or 3) - see bottom of the page -

Much of the data that goes into the RapSpec calculation is gleaned from the diamond grading report, and some other data is from the owner of the diamond or from our Rapaport Laboratory (for example brown shade)

Note: The Rapaport Price List is based on RapSpec A3 and better diamonds

Search according to RapSpecs on RapNet

You can search for groups of different quality diamonds by using the RapSpec filter on the Diamond Search engine.

You can either

  1. Use the RapSpec saved search at the top of the search engine to choose one specific RapSpec

  2. Choose one or more RapSpecs

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