Finding the diamond you need is quick and easy using RapNet's search engine.

The search engine is accurate and fast, allowing you to find your particular diamond among the thousands of diamond listings on RapNet.

Click the diamond on the side bar, then select and click on  Search

  1. Choose the diamond parameters you require such as shape size, color and clarity.
  2. You can also be specific in search criteria.  Notice how your search criteria appears as tags at the top of the page.  You can remove any of your selected criteria by clicking the X

The basic search includes parameters such as 

  • Location
  • Flexible delivery (which includes diamonds and sellers in your chosen location)
  • Seller - enter a specific seller's RapNet Account number or company name. (if you are choosing multiple sellers, separate the name or account number with a semi colon)
  • Viewing diamonds listed by rated sellers only

Search Preferences allows you to view diamonds:

  • Within a budget
  • Listed by Primary Suppliers only
  • Which are matched pairs
  • Which are guaranteed available
  • Accompanied with an image, video or lab report
  • You can also search for diamonds which fall within certain measurements or treated diamonds.
  • RapNet Dealers and Primary Suppliers can also search for specific diamonds by entering the Grading Report number.

The more search criteria you choose, the more specific your search.

Showing diamonds to your customers?  
Here's how to add your mark up.

  1. Move down to 'Advanced
  2. Go to 'Access Code'
  3. Add your markup by entering 3 digit access code and indicate markup. Example – 20% markup – 120

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