Go to My Account & Settings -> My Profile to update your account information.

Update Account Information:

  1. Upload your company logo
  2. Update company information
  3. Describe your company
  4. Fill in your Trading Terms
  5. Edit personal contact information and contact information for Primary Account holder and additional users.  Updating your email address affects all RapNet notifications


  1. Only Primary Account holders have the ability to make changes on the account 
  2. All changes to your account go to your Account Manager for approval.  This can take a day or two.
  3. We require an updated business license before approving changes to your local office address. 
  4. We are unable to approve changes to your company name and country location.  Please be in touch with your Account Manager to help you with this
  5. To update your company name code for your diamond listings, please contact your account manager

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