To calculate diamond prices

  • Select Diamonds from the menu side bar
  • Choose Rapaport Prices
  • Select Calculator.
  • Enter the diamond data: Shape, Size, Color, Clarity
  • Click Calculate

The calculator now displays

  • The Rapaport price list for your diamond
  • The average price on RapNet for that category of diamond
  • The best price on RapNet for that category of diamond ** see important note below
  1. Now type in either your $CT or % Rap
  2. Use the minus sign for a percentage below the Rapaport price e.g. -30 for 30% below
  3. The calculator automatically works out your total price


Best Price shown on the calculator and TradeScreen is the best price that meets Rap Spec A1, A2 and A3 and is GIA graded. 

This means that the price displayed is for the best cheapest stone on RapNet but not the cheapest stone overall.

To find the BEST cheapest stone you can either fill in the parameters in the search engine as GIA and add the Specs or you can use the Trade Screen.

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