All members on an active price list or RapNet plan can view and download the Rapaport Price List.

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Rapaport Price List for RapNet Members

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  1. Go to > Login

  2. Select the Diamond icon on the left navigation bar > Rapaport Prices > Rapaport Price List

  3. Choose the price list you need > it automatically downloads for you

Click here to view other Price List formats and learn more about our Price List API's

Rapaport Price List for Price List only members

  • Go to > Login

  • Select the Diamond Prices drop down menu > Select either Rapaport Prices or Price List PDF’s

  • Choose the price list you need > it automatically downloads for you without printing out

Rapaport Price List on the App

  1. Open the menu bar > $Prices > Price List

  2. Notification when new price list is available. Click here to learn how to switch on or off Price List notifications

  3. Go to the latest Price List

Download the Rapaport Price List to your diamond software

These Price List formats to allow members with software programs to access Rapaport Price Data through their applications.

  • Click here to access all our Price List formats and API’s

  • We recommend that you use a common format, such as Data Format 2. This will prevent errors if there are any changes in the price list formats

  • The Price List formats and API's are accessible with an active Rapaport subscription only


We email the price list to you each week/month depending on your level of membership. If you are not receiving the price list by email, please go to our Support Page to contact us

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