You can upload your jewelry items to RapNet for them to only feed through to your Instant Inventory jewelry feed and not be displayed on RapNet.

This is called Own Stock for Instant Inventory.

This article explains how to upload either a single or multiple jewelry items to own stock.

Upload a single jewelry item to Own Stock

  1. Upload Jewelry > Single > fill out jewelry information

  2. Tick Own Stock for Instant Inventory

  3. Save

If the jewelry item is already listed on RapNet:

  1. Go to Manage My Jewelry > Find the item you want to add to your own stock.

  2. Edit > Scroll down to the bottom of the page >

  3. Visibility > Tick Own Stock for Instant Inventory

  4. Save

Upload a multiple jewelry items to Own Stock

  1. Prepare your jewelry inventory file, refer to this article for support

  2. Instant Inventory > Jewelry dashboard > View and Edit

  3. Click Own Stock > Upload Own Stock

  1. Browse and upload file

  2. Tick 'Upload items as own stock item for your instant inventory'

  3. Create Listings

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