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Email, export, or print multiple jewelry items
Email, export, or print multiple jewelry items

How to email, export or print selected jewelry items in PDF or XL format

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You can email, export, or print a maximum of jewelry items to XL or PDF from the jewelry search page or your tracked jewelry folder.

Read on to find out how, or jump to a section using these links:

Email/export/print multiple jewelry items

You can email/export/print one or more jewelry items to either PDF or e

  1. Select jewelry items > More > Email/ Export/Print Selected (PDF/Excel)/

  2. Choose PDF or Excel

  3. Price Markup: Set one markup for all items

  4. Price Markup: Don't show the price

  5. Price Markup: Tailor price markups per item ***

  6. Email: When emailing a PDF, the recipient receives a top page summarizing all items followed with page by page item descriptions.

    • ***Click on arrows to open a single item > markup > save > Back to the main page

7. Select email recipient: read this article for an explanation on how to add a new email recipient

8. Tick box to receive a copy of this email to record for your own reference > Send

Email/export/print jewelry from a tracked jewelry folder

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