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Participate and navigate a RapChat Buy/Sell Group
Participate and navigate a RapChat Buy/Sell Group
How to post on a group, respond to chats, use translation features, set permissions and notifications and leave a group.
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In this article you will learn how to:

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Join a new Buy/Sell Group

Click Join to be part of a group

Navigation and Actions on a Buy/Sell Group

  1. Go back to all Chats

  2. Tap group name to

    1. View all participants > Tap on a participant's name to start a private chat

    2. View media posted on the group

    3. Mute Chat notifications

  3. Translation Settings

  4. A participant's post > long-press to respond privately to the person who posted the comment

  5. Comment on a post

  6. Type a message/Share an item/Take a picture or choose a file

Post media, files or RapNet listed diamonds or jewelry on a buy/sell group

Post RapNet listed diamond or jewelry on a buy/sell group

Post Pictures or Files on Buy/Sell group

  1. Tap the attachment button > Take a picture or choose a Word doc, XLS file, or PDF.

  2. Add text/caption > Send

Note: To view all Media on the group, click on the Group Name > Media

Edit a Post

  1. Long press on your sent message > Tap Edit Message

  2. Edit your message > Tap the “Send” button.

Remove a post

Go to your post > long-press > select Remove Message

Reply Privately to a Post

Go to the comment/post > long press > select Reply Privately

Buy/Sell groups translation options

Turn on Translation Settings

  1. Click on the 3 dots to the left of the group name

  2. Select Translation Settings

  3. Turn translation on

  4. Choose your language

Translate a single comment/post

Long press on the message > Translate

Manage Buy/Sell group notifications and permissions

  1. Mute Notifications: Turning off notifications means that you will not receive a push notification whenever a new post/comment/thread is added on the group.
    a. Click on the group name
    b. Toggle 'mute notifications' on/off

  2. Permissions: Primary Account holders manages which team members can participate in RapChat. Enabling or disabling RapChat for team members impacts all chats (one-to-one, in a regular chat group or a Buy/Sell group).
    Note: refer to this article to watch how to set team's access and permissions on RapNet.

Leave a RapChat Buy/Sell group

  1. Tap on the group name

  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots > Leave Chat

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