Key features on RapNet Lists

Add or remove List items, leave comments and add or remove list collaborators

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Here’s what you can do on the List feature:

  • Create a new list of items, combining diamonds and jewelry on one list

  • Add multiple items to a list at a time

  • Share a list with other RapNet members

  • Discuss the lists items using comments

My Lists on RapNet Web

  1. List name and go Back to main list dashboard

  2. List items with the ability to
    a. Access the item’s Item Page
    b. Comment on this item
    c. Delete the item

  3. Add a new item to this List

  4. Actions:
    a. Export the list to Excel
    b. Rename the List

  5. List collaborators and Add New Collaborators to this list

  6. Comments and Add new comment

My Lists on the App

Each list has 3 tabs

  1. Items: Add or remove items

  2. Comments: Discuss items on the list with other collaborators

  3. Collaborators: Add or remove collaborators

Items tab: Add or remove items

Comments tab: Discuss items on the list with other collaborators

Collaborators tab: Add or remove collaborators

Note: Only the list owner can add or remove collaborators

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