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Create and manage lists on the RapNet App
Create and manage lists on the RapNet App
Create a new list, add items or comments, add or remove collaborators, leave or rename a list
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Note: You cannot delete a List!

Create a New List

  1. Go to My Lists tab and click +

  2. Start typing your new list name into the search bar to filter

  3. Click Create

  4. Your new list is active, ready to add items to

Add Diamonds to a List via the App

You can either add items via the search results or from within an existing list.

Watch this video to learn how to add multiple diamonds to your list!

Add diamonds from your diamond search results

  1. Select one or more items from your diamond/jewelry results by pressing for a few seconds on the item(s) you want to add to the list

  2. Click Add to List

  3. Filter and find the existing list

Add an item to a List from the item page

You can add items to a new or existing list via the Item Page from the App only.

  1. Find the item page and tap on the Option buttons

  2. Tap Add Item to a List

  3. Select the List you want to add the item to

Add diamonds from within an existing list

  1. Go to your list and click +

  2. Choose diamond or jewelry

  3. Type in the lot # or Lab Report number

  4. +Add to List

Add comments to a List

Go to the Comments tab to discuss items on the list with other collaborators

Add a collaborator to/from a list

Watch this video to learn how to add a collaborator to a list via the App.

Remove a collaborator from a list when on the App

Note: Only List Creators can remove a collaborator

  1. Choose the list your want to remove someone from

  2. Move to the Collaborators tab to either add or remove someone

Leave a List

You can leave lists that were shared with you. You cannot leave a list if you are the list owner!

  1. Find the list your want to leave and tap on the options button

  2. Select Leave List

Once you leave a List, that list will no longer appear under Shared with me lists

Rename List on the App

Only the list creator can change the list title but the new list title will appear for all collaborators of that particular list.

  1. Find the list you want to change the name of > tap the options button

  2. Select Rename List and type in the new title for your list

  3. Type in the name of your new list and Save

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