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Introduction to Tags
Introduction to Tags

Explains what tags are, how to create and filter for tags

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Tags let you group contacts together, according to your company’s personal preferences.

They’re great for quickly identifying VIP companies or loyal customers who may require VIP support. You might want to group companies according to characteristics such as suppliers/buyers/wholesaler or for identifying the role a contact holds in a company such as Admin, CEO, Head Diamond Buyer, for example.

You can add multiple tags per contact.

Create a Tag

To tag a contact, we first have to create some Tags.

  1. Go to People> My Contacts > Your Tags > Click on the pencil

  2. Type in the new Tag name

  3. Click Done

You can also create a new tag from within the contact

  1. Go to My Contacts >> Select whichever users you like from the user list

  2. Click + >> Select the tag from the drop-down menu or start typing in the new tag name

Tag Your Contacts:

  1. My Contacts >> Choose the contact you want to tag and open up their contact page

  2. Click on + to view tags menu

  3. Attach an existing tag to the contact or create a new one

Note: You can assign multiple tags to one contact

Filter for Specific Tag

Filter and view contacts according to their tags. This will help you send targeted marketing emails to a specific group of companies or people

  1. Go to People> My Contacts

  2. Click on the Tag name under the Tags menu > this filters all the contacts that belong to that tag

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