You can set 2 price markups:

  1. Markup based on the item’s value (or carat weight for diamond feed)
  2. A flat fee $ markup, to allow for shipping or packaging costs

To mark up:

1. Go to your Instant Inventory dashboard and choose the feed

2. Click View and Edit

3. Hover over one of your Rules and select Edit Price Mark ups

For diamonds: Set your retail prices based on the size of the diamond or the total price.

For jewelry: the mark up is always based on the total price of the jewelry item.

  1. Set your retail prices based on the size of the diamond or the total price
  2. Set your mark ups
  3. Save or delete
  4. Click + Add Markup until all your diamonds have retail prices
  5. Save

After each markup, click + Add Markup until all your items have retail prices set for them Then click Save when you are done.


  • Make sure that your markup covers the value or carat weight range which you established in your diamond or jewelry rule
  • The system does not allow overlapping markups and gaps between markups
  • All items listed on RapNet are in USD

Disclaimer: Rapaport employees or acting agents are unable to advise you regarding what you should use for markup percentages. Each member’s business is unique and factors such as geographic region, economic climate, and individual financial goals make it impossible to give sound profit margin advice.

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