1. Customers on your website search using filters such as jewelry type, metal color, gemstone, new and prices. They can also sort by price and new products

2. They click on a jewelry item to view the jewelry item page

The jewelry item page contains information about the jewelry item, provided by the RapNet supplier. Details include the title, product details, and at least one image.

3. Interested customers click Make an Inquiry and fill out a form with their contact details

4. RapNet notifies you about the inquiry

4. Click on the notification to go to Instant Inventory’s Inquires page to contact the customer

  1. Customer Details and inquiry. Click Add to my Contacts adds the new customer to My Contacts where all the customer’s information is pre-populated, and a new event in the customer’s timeline logs the inquiry information
  2. Item Details and Price. Click Open Item Page provides detailed information about the item which interests the customer
  3. Seller Details. Click Contact Seller to start trading in Trade Center.

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